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781-224-5009 (FAX)

Principal - Mr. Mark C. Bedrosian, M.Ed.
Assistant Principal - Ms. Therese C. Jarmusik, MPA
Assistant Principal - Mr. Andrew D. Tetrault, B.S.

2014-2015 Bus Application

The 2014-2015 Bus Application is now available online.  The application is available under Parents/Transportation tabs.  The application is a GoogleDoc/GoogleForm to complete and submit online.

April 8, 2014
Dear Galvin Middle School Community,  

Exciting changes are happening at the Galvin Middle School!  A new schedule for the 2014-2015 school year will offer our students significant educational advantages.

During the 2012-2013 school year, my first at the Galvin, I listened and learned.  My goal was to identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement.   The most evident opportunity for improvement was our schedule.  Out of fiscal necessity, the school had been operating with two, conflicting schedules; one for 5th and 6th Grades, and another for 7th and 8th Grades.  Students were assigned to teams based on their participation in specific programs, rather than being evenly distributed throughout grade levels.  Student learning was compromised because they were pulled from instructional time to attend other classes.  Areas for improvement were numerous.  Throughout the remainder of 2012-2013 school year, Galvin teacher leadership and administration set to work to identify priorities of a new schedule.  These non-negotiable priorities guided Galvin teachers, administration, and district administration, as we worked throughout the current school year to build a new schedule. We will move into a state of the art building with a new schedule that provides the following educational advantages for students:

  • One schedule for all grade levels
  • All students in 7th  and 8th Grade will be assigned to teams that function exclusively on one grade-level
  • Instructional time in the core subject areas of math, science, English, and social studies is increased to 315 minutes per 6 day cycle, from 288 minutes per 6 day cycle
Double blocks are scheduled for project-based learning and assessment
  • Team blocks are scheduled for learning experiences such as writing and research across curriculum areas
Health and Science-Technology-Engineering courses will increase from one-third of the year to one-half of the year
  • World Languages will now be available to all 6t h Grade students
  • Directed Learning has been replaced by a shorter, Directed Advisory period.  The Directed Advisory will conclude each day with an emphasis on assisting students with executive functioning; all teachers will be involved in this advisory.  Our bullying-prevention/character education program will also occur during the Directed Advisory
  • Student placement on teams is no longer based on participation in programs such as French, band, and orchestra
  • Music programs are scheduled as specialist classes, which means 5th and 6th Grade students may participate without missing time with core-subject area teachers
  • A quarterly reporting system that provides more feedback to students and their families
Our faculty will benefit from additional professional work time, embedded into the school day.  This time is allocated to writing curriculum and assessments, analysis of student performance data, and refinement of instructional practice.  Research shows that this type of focused work directly benefits student performance.

In order to achieve these advantages, there are some changes in programming.  While 5th Grade students will still be required to complete a full year of Physical Education, students in 6th through 8th Grades will be required to complete a half-year Physical Education.  In addition, World Languages will be taught every-other-day, over the three years of 6th through 8th Grades, instead of every-day over two years of 7th and 8th Grades.  Students will still be ready to take Honors, Level II as freshmen in high school, as the cumulative time-in-learning of the new World Languages format still far exceeds that of any other class offered at Galvin.
The ideal we at Galvin will always hold to is providing quality, rigorous academic opportunities for Wakefield’s students.  Their readiness for the high school experience, and ultimately college and career, is our focus.  We believe the exciting opportunities provided by new programming provide students with quality, rigor, and readiness.    

If you have questions or comments, please contact me by email or by calling the main office.  We have also scheduled an informational meeting for parents and guardians who wish to discuss these opportunities on Wednesday evening, April 16, at 7:00 p.m. in the Galvin Auditorium.

Thank you for your ongoing support.  


Mark C. Bedrosian

March 25, 2014

Dear Galvin Middle School Community,
We look forward to seeing parents and guardians at Spring Conferences!  We still have about 1/3 of our instructional time remaining in this school year.  Hence, the information shared between teachers and parents and guardians is essential to maintaining students academic momentum. 
In order to help keep conversations between teachers and parent/guardians focused on student learning during conferences, I'd like to share some exciting information and updates!
1.  The New Galvin building project is still on time and on budget.  
Walls and ceilings are being installed in Building A, the wing of the school closest to North Avenue.  
Window installation and interior wall-framing is nearly complete in Building B, the wing adjacent to Building A. 
The Auditorium, Building C, is being enclosed, and the floor will be poured soon
One great detail about the new school is the double-width lockers being installed.  Back-packs will actually fit!

2.  The goal is to move into the new Galvin in August, prepare, and open school in the new Galvin in September of 2014!  We will schedule orientations in late August of 2014 for all grade  levels entering Galvin for the 2014-2015 school year.  Please look for specific information on our web page this summer.
3.  Work continues on a new and exciting Galvin Middle School student schedule. We plan to implement this new schedule during the 2014-2015 school year. Once the work is finalized, I will host an evening presentation of the new schedule for parents, guardians, and community members.  More information on the new schedule is coming soon...
We look forward to seeing parents and guardians on Wednesday, March 26th and Wednesday, April 2nd!
Mark C. Bedrosian
Galvin Middle School

February 14, 2014

Dear Families of Incoming Freshmen,

As promised, we wanted to share our plan for freshmen year programming in English Language Arts and Social Studies for the 2014-15 school year. We have appreciated the extensive community dialogue around the proposed heterogeneous courses in these disciplines. Over the last two months, we have hosted two information sessions, received countless emails and met with a number of parents who expressed support as well as concern for the proposal. These conversations have been invigorating, as we have had the opportunity to discuss academics, our core work, in a thoughtful and respectful way with our families. It represents the type of ongoing discourse that we must continue to have as an educational community to best serve our students.

After listening intently to input and feedback, we met with members of the High School leadership team (assistant principals and department heads). As a collective, we affirmed our belief that high quality heterogeneously grouped instruction embodies the very best of teaching and student learning. We feel passionately that all Wakefield students (preK-12) benefit from a rigorous, differentiated and content- integrated learning experience in a diverse classroom setting. We agreed that the talented educators at the High School had the requisite training, expertise and commitment to deliver this type of dynamic learning experience to all of our incoming freshman.

At the same time, we acknowledged the challenges with implementation in light of a variety of contextual factors. Specifically, we cited the multiple leadership changes across the District, the need to better communicate with students and families and above all, the absence of an explicit district-wide vision and strategy for teaching and learning, all as impediments to strong implementation of this proposal in the upcoming school year. While a vision for instruction is emerging, it has not been realized in a way that all staff and families have a clear and common understanding of how Wakefield defines an exemplary academic environment for every student, at every grade level and in every classroom across our system.

Given the factors enumerated, we have decided not to introduce heterogeneously grouped classes in English Language Arts and Social Studies for freshmen during the 2014-15 school year. Eighth grade students will have the opportunity during the week following school vacation to elect the College Preparatory or Honors level for each course.

We will continue to discuss the positive benefits of heterogeneously grouped learning as it relates to our District’s future set of focused instructional priorities. As always, we appreciate your partnership and investment in your child’s education in the Wakefield Public Schools.

January 22, 2014

Dear Galvin Middle School Community,
Thank you for your attention to the A.M. Drop-off and P.M. Pick-up procedures.  We will maintain the sidewalk along the access road to North Avenue for the remainder of the school year, as having that safe walkway continues to be essential.  
In order to continue to assist Galvin staff in keeping our students safe, please review the following helpful procedures.
A.M. Drop-off along the North Avenue access road:
Drop students off on the right curb; have students exit your car from the passenger side
Please pull as far forward as you can along the right curb, all the way to the tree at the edge of the Atwell wing where the Student Drop-Off sign is posted
Please be mindful that there are usually hundreds of cars behind you on North Avenue, waiting to drop their students off
Have your students ready to exit the car when you pull up
The left lane is designed to be accessed by families once they drop off students, there is no need to remain in the curb-side lane after you drop off students

P.M. Pick-up
The entire distance of the North Avenue access road, from North Avenue to the white crosswalk adjacent to Armory Street, is a fire lane
Students should only cross the access road at that white cross walk, as we have staff waiting there to facilitate this safe crossing
In order for us to maintain the safety that the students and staff on our campus require, there is no parking, idling, or remaining stationary allowed anywhere along the access road
I will continue to request that people move when I see them parked, idling, or stationary in the fire lane
Families can park in the lot adjacent to Main Street or make other plans for pick-up

I appreciate the orderly, conscientious manner in which we stage our drop-off and pick-up procedures.  As always, the primary reason we have procedures in place is to maintain safety for students and their families.
Thank you,   
Mark C. Bedrosian
Galvin Middle School

January 22, 2014

The Wakefield METCO Program is looking for Wakefield volunteer families to be a part of the METCO Family and Friends Program.  The Family Friends are Wakefield families who volunteer to serve as “hosts” for Boston residents who are members of the Wakefield METCO Program and are Wakefield students.  The overall goal of the Family Friends Program is to support the successful integration of METCO students into the school community so that they can fully benefit from available academic and social opportunities.  Family Friends seek to ease the child’s adjustment to attending school in Wakefield and enables them to feel that they are welcomed and cared for by concerned others while attending school outside of Boston.  Through the Family Friends Program we hope to build a bridge between METCO families and Wakefield families so that all can be enriched by the METCO students’ presence in Wakefield schools.  Ideally, the relationship between Wakefield and Boston parents will become a partnership.

Family Friends Coordinators at the Greenwood & Dolbeare Elementary Schools and the Galvin Middle School will be responsible for selecting appropriate host families for students in the METCO Program.  When selecting Family Friends, the Coordinators will look for Wakefield parents who are willing to make an ongoing commitment to being a Family Friend so that the Boston parent and child may experience a consistent and caring presence.  Generally, Family Friends have a child in the particular grade as the resident child.  The choice of a host family for a particular METCO student is not necessarily based on friendships between children.  Wakefield parents’ commitment to the goals of the Family Friends Program is the major consideration in choosing Family Friends.

Matches between Wakefield and Boston families will be generally arranged during the beginning of the school year with the exception of this year; we will be starting as early as March in order to get this program up and running.  We also want to hold some type of event for all families involved once we begin to hear from family volunteers.

We are looking for Wakefield Parent Coordinators at each targeted school, who will work with Mrs. Driggers, our Family Friends Coordinator.   If you would like further information about the Family Friends Program, please contact the Family Friends Coordinator, Mrs. Angela Driggers @ 781.258.2631 or or the METCO Director, Joel Villegas @ 781.246.6440 x.6936 or  

FAQs for Wakefield Galvin Middle School

Can you provide a general overview of the project and its timeline?

The new Galvin Middle School will accommodate a design enrollment of 1,070 students in grades 5-8. It will feature state-of-the-art classrooms, a media center, a cafeteria, gymnasium, auditorium, technology labs, and spaces for special education, art, music, science, guidance, and school administration.

Construction activities began in April 2013 with site work behind the existing school building.  The demolition of the gymnasium and the construction of the new turf field were completed during the summer of 2013.  With the exception of the auditorium, music rooms, and the gymnasium, substantial completion for the building is expected by summer of 2014.  Classes will begin in the new school in September 2014.  The auditorium is expected to be completed in October 2014 with the gymnasium and music rooms following in the summer of 2015.

What safety measures are being implemented during construction?
Bond Brothers is committed to providing all employees and the public with a safe environment.  The following safety measures have been put in place for the project:

  • All workers are CORI and SORI checked
  • All workers are required to wear a project specific an identification badge which displays his/her name, picture, and ID number.
All workers are required to be 10-hour OSHA certified
  • Bond Brothers conducts weekly safety meetings with its subcontractors
Subcontractors perform daily safety checks on all site equipment
3rd party inspections are performed on large equipment
Subcontractors are required to conduct and submit safety “tool box” talks weekly
  • Every worker on site is required to attend a safety orientation with the Bond Brothers Safety Officer at the site office.
  • Weekly safety inspection walks are performed by Bond Brothers Safety Officer
All workers are required to wear hardhats, safety glasses, and vests
Fall protection requirement is 100% tie off above 6’-0”
  • A construction fence with scrim has been installed around the project’s site
  • Cautionary signage is in place
  • An access pathway from North Avenue was established and protected by jersey barriers
  • Protected egress pathways from the school through the construction site were provided to ensure safe emergency egress.
  • The construction site is fenced and inaccessible to students and locked after work hours
  • The opening left by the demolition activities over the summer were properly infilled with appropriate wall construction for safety
  • All construction activities are reviewed with the Principal on a daily basis to inform the school of activities that may impact the school and measures are put in place to protect the students and to maintain an effective educational environment

Are CORI checks being performed on construction workers?
All workers must cooperate fully by providing a completed CORI and SORI authorization form to Bond Brothers. The Town of Wakefield then files for CORI and SORI in Massachusetts which performs a nationwide search on each individual and notifies Bond Brothers of any workers who are not allowed to work on the project resulting from the CORI and SORI check. No one is allowed on school property/construction site who has not been followed this procedure and received approval.  Bond Brothers requires that all workers wear a project specific badge which must be visible at all times while on site as notification that they have been approved to be on site.

Do the plans for the new Galvin Middle School include solar cells, geothermal heating/cooling, or other green energy generation methods?

The project does not have any green energy generation methods as part of its design. However, there are provisions for future solar panels on the roof if the town should decide to go that route after the construction is complete.

Will the new building be energy efficient?

The school has been designed to achieve superior energy performance which results in an energy savings of 28.9% as compared to a similar project not designed to the level of energy efficiency of this school.  The school exceeds the MA Energy Code requirements and exceeds the additional 20% required to comply with the “Stretch Code” which Wakefield has not yet adopted.

Most of the energy savings arise from the following design features:
  • Reduced lighting power density for the entire building
  • Occupancy-based lighting controls and daylight harvesting for many areas
  • Exhaust air energy recovery with effectiveness which exceeds code minimum requirements
  • Enhanced HVAC controls
  • High efficiency gas-fired condensing boilers and optimized hot water supply temperature with reset
  • High efficiency condensing domestic water heaters
  • Building envelope performance exceeding code requirements:
  • Enhanced roof insulation
  • Enhanced wall insulation
  • Enhanced glazing properties

What new advances in technology will be available as a result of the project?
The project budget includes purchase of new instructional technology for the school including new devices and projectors in each classroom.  In addition, there will be security cameras located both inside and outside of the new building.

Will union construction members that are residents of Wakefield get first priority to work on the project?

There are no specific priorities for Wakefield residents for the Galvin Middle School project as this is against M.G.L. ; however, there are Wakefield residents working on the project.

Is air quality being monitored at and around the construction site?

An air quality test was performed on October 21, 2013 at the Galvin Middle School.~ The industrial hygienist’s air quality report is posted on this website.  In general, the results were within acceptable recognized indoor air quality standards.~ There was one anomaly for airborne particulate matter, such as dust, in the School Psychologist’s office Room 121B and one location in which the carbon dioxide test results exceeded the ASHRAE recommendations because an air circulation fan was blocked.~ The industrial hygienist determined that these issues could be addressed by the School Administration through simple modifications in housekeeping practices.  No further air quality tests have been scheduled.

Are precautions being taken to ensure that materials being used for the new school are environmentally safe for the students?

Material specifications for this project are very stringent in terms of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in order to comply with CHPS (Collaborative for High Performance Schools) requirements. In particular, adhesives and sealants were specified to comply with South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) Rule 1168, while paints and coatings were specified to comply with SCAQM Rule 1113.~ Compliance with these requisites during construction is being monitored under the product submittal process.

What type of egress lighting will be available in in the new auditorium in case of emergency?

In the new auditorium, the aisle ways in the lower “bowl” seating area are lined on either side by low-voltage theater style rope lighting. The stair path in the upper “stadium” seating area is marked at the edge of each tread with a similar type of lighting. These would be similar to something you see when you go to the movies.  In addition to these lights marking the pathways, there are lights on the walls that are directly tied to the emergency power system for the building.~ Lastly, the lighting control system in the auditorium is tied to the fire alarm system so if there is a trigger all of the lighting in the space will come up to full illumination.

December 3, 2013

Dear Galvin Middle School Community,
Please be reminded that all visitors are required to
sign in at the main office
fill out and wear a Galvin Visitor Pass Sticker.

Thank you for partnering with Galvin Staff to keep our school orderly and safe!
Mark C. Bedrosian
Galvin Middle School

November 18, 2013

Dear Galvin Community Families,

We are excited to announce that ours school district is now enrolling parents in the iParent portion of our iPass Student Management Software. Parents will be able to view their child’s biographical data as well as attendance, term grades, and standardized test scores from your home computer via the internet. The goal of this program is to increase communication and access to information between parents and Wakefield Public Schools.

To participate you will need to have your child’s student identification number. This can be found on a student’s schedule, report card or progress report. Also you will need Internet Explorer 5.0 or later or Netscape 4.0 or later installed on your computer. This system is for parental access only; do not allow your child to establish your account.
To enroll in the system:
Click on the “Parents” tab and click on the link labeled iParent Registration.
  • Please fill out the appropriate information on the on-line form and make sure all boxes are completed. Complete this now for all your children in the district.
Please write down your User ID and Password for future reference, keeping in mind that both pieces are case sensitive.
  • When you finish click SUBMIT at the bottom of the page. The form that you submit will be reviewed to ensure that the person requesting access is entitled to receive confidential information for the student(s) listed on the application.
Please refer to the iParent Documentation for a System Guide for Parents on the “Parents” tab of the district website.

After you hit “submit” our building staff will need to go in and verify that you are the correct person to view your child’s information.  This verification process may take us up to ten business days, especially for the larger schools. Your patience is appreciated while we work through the initial verification step!

After we complete verification and identify you as the correct person to view your child’s information, you will get an email that approval has been granted.  Then you may use the iParent Login link on the district’s webpage “Parents” tab to access your child’s information.  You will also have the ability to update email and telephone contact information as it changes for emergency purposes. We hope that you find iParent a useful tool to enhance our school partnership.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Lea Terfry in the Galvin main office at

Mark Bedrosian

Should you need this information translated, please contact the principal of your child's school.
En caso de necesitar esta información traducida, por favor comuníquese con el director de la escuela de su hijo.
Se você precisar de informações traduzido, por favor, entre em contato com o diretor da escola do seu filho.

November 7, 2013

Dear Galvin Community,
If you have questions related to Joslin, Lesser and Associates, Inc. project management of the new Galvin Middle School or Bond Brothers construction of the new Galvin, you can communicate them to those groups at:


Questions will be reviewed weekly, and a response will follow.

Mark C. Bedrosian
Galvin Middle School

October 30, 2013

Parents/Guardians are asked to review the New School Lunch Policy which can be located on the District Home Page under School Committe Policies.


All Grade 5-8 parents/guardians are encouraged to sign up on the Galvin Middle School website in order to receive the following correspondence that is sent out on either a daily, weekly or monthly basis as well as other notifications that are of importance to parents/guardians.

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